About Us

What is this place?

We wanted to create a search engine that would allows fans to find the vids on AO3 more easily. We also wanted to allow fans to create streaming playlists of their favorite vids and share them with their friends.  Unfortunately, Youtube, Vimeo and the many other streaming platforms do not allow you to create playlists or favorites  across multiple platforms.  This is not an official AO3 project. It is generated by fans for fans.

Are these vids hosted on archivevids.org?

No, the vids are where they vidders hosted them - on Youtube, on Vimeo, and other streaming sites.  We're using the same embed codes that the vidders use to embed them on AO3.  What this site does is to filter out the fanvids listed on AO3  from the millions of fanfiction stories and pull them into one location with categories.  This is literally a searchable database of fanvids  with some bells and whistles.  For those who are interested, as of Jan 2019, there are ca. 8000 fanvids on AO3 made by 1500 vidders. In contrast there are over 2 millions of stories on AO3 and over 1 million users. Fanvids and vidders can both easily get lost in the sea of text.

I want to leave feedback for the vidders?   How do I do that? 

There is a Blue Button in the right hand corner of the vid that says: Leave feedback at the AO3 page. This  will take you to the vidder's  AO3 page.

My vid is on your website and I don't want it listed there.

Just contact us. We will remove it or your entire account. Additionally, you can "claim" your account and manage your fanvid listings. To do so, we will ask you to log into your AO3 account and place text  (which we will supply) on your profile page  and send us the link. We will then provide you your account login info and you can remove  or add your vids. You can also make them private on  archivevids.org so only your subscribers or followers can see the vid

I am a viewer, not a vidder and I want to create an account

Hang tight, right now this is still proof of concept. We will allow fans to make accounts as soon as the site is stable. You will be able to search and play the vids. Once accounts are opened you can then start making playlists and favorites.

Are you making any money off these vids?

Absolutely not.  Although we appreciate any support that you would give to similar organizations as there is a lot of work behind the scenes to make all this possible.

Will this be updated for new vids that are uploaded to AO3?

This is a proof of concept site. That means we're simply testing to see if this can work and if it is scale-able. Ideally we would  like to do a monthly update of new vids as they are listed on AO3 but that is still down the road.

Help! Something is not working.

Contact us as https://tinyurl.com/vidcontact